Features :

  • Parking possibilities just seconds away
  • Wheelbarrow available to transport your luggage
  • The shared bathroom and shower facilities are in immediate proximity
  • The outdoor terrace and bonfire area close at 11:00 PM. You’re invited to visit the bar located directly in the main building afterwards.
  • The hostel’s bar, kitchen and the beach are in close proximity, just seconds away.
  • Pets must be quiet and kept on a leash at all times. Barking is not allowed.

Cancellation policy

If canceled up to 14 days before your scheduled date of stay, a full refund will be made. In case of late cancellation, less than 14 days from the scheduled date of stay, 100% of the amount will be requested.

MiK & MaQ

Staying in these tents, whose names pay homage to the Mi’gmaq Territory where our site is located today, offers a unique experience. Each tent can accommodate up to 5 people in:

  • 2 double beds
  • 1 roll-away bed

Amenities include power outlets, bedding, a wood stove (logs provided), and a small kitchenette (2-burner camp stove, dishware etc.)

Its characteristic is to be :

Mik & Maq are the perfect combination between traditional camping and staying in one of our rustic cabins. The site is serene, surrounded by natural beauty and yet in close proximity to the communal areas. The tents share a private fire pit and grill. The shared showers and bathroom facilities are located in front of the reception building just 30 seconds away.

Rates :

$70 TO $145


*Prices do not include taxes

Free for kids under 5

  • Each tent can accommodate up to 5 people, in 2 double beds ans 1 roll-away bed.