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Monday 10h-11h / Vinyasa - Anchor yourself
This class is for you the opportunity to feel good in your body again. Take the time to be connected with your true self, by taking every breath slowly and deeply, just as the movement of the waves.
+Balancing postures, strength.

Tuesday and thursday 10h-11h / Vinyasa - Express your colours
Ready to connect with your free spirit? Movements and postures of Express your colours class are going to take you out of your comfort zone. Discover creative sequences and new possibilities
+ Hips opening postures, fluidity.


Tuesday and Saturday 16h-17h / Yin yoga - Balance your energy
We propose you a sweet mix of meditation and relaxing postures for this restaurative class. Liberate yourself from tensions and take time to observe what’s happening inside of you… Be zen, that’s holidays!
+ Stretching poses held a few minutes.

Wednesday and Saturday 10h-11h / Power yoga - Deep detox
Deep detox is officially THE more active class of the schedule. Into this practice, we invite you to let-it-go from fears and to connect with your inner power. A dynamic sequence that will wake up inside of you all the energy that you can offer.
+ Dynamic postures, twists.

Friday and sunday 10h-11h / Vinyasa - Heart opening
Fill your heart with compassion for others, learn to love yourself as you are, here are the two main topics of the Heart opening session. How to do it? Postures will guide you to this state of mind.
+ Shoulders opening poses.

Sunday 16h-17h / Vinyasa - Canyoning yoga
A yoga supplement that will allow you to relax the muscles required during canyoning activity. Whether as a preparation  or simply for fun, come and join us into that dynamic session!
+ Balancing postures, stabilizers.